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Cecilyn Hutchinson is a millennial author, hiring manager and a motivational speaker who loves inspiring others reach their financial goals and be their best self. After learning significant lessons in her 10+ years of professional experience and going from a $36k salary at 23 years old to 6 Figures by 30, Cecilyn wrote the book 6 Figures By 30: Career Navigation Guide to help guide others through their career trajectory process.

Cecilyn received her BA in accounting from Clark Atlanta University and an MBA from Mercer University. Cecilyn has held and exceeded in management positions in the supply chain field across leading industries including travel, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution and retail. She has successfully led global strategies in her positions at private and public Fortune 500 organizations and has also been on the decision making side of the interview process.

Cecilyn has been featured on WATC's Babbie's House as well as the Michael and Joi Show on the Sensation Station. Cecilyn has also spoken for numerous schools and non-profit organizations. 

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