To Drink or Not to Drink with Co-workers?

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With happy hours and company parties in full effect, this question always seems to come up. Should I drink with co-workers and if so, how much? If it’s a social drinking setting and you’re a drinker (of age of course), I saw keep it at a 2 drink max. Feel free to mix in another non-alcoholic drink or water in-between.

If you don’t drink, don’t drink. Today’s not the day to start experimenting. There’s no need to compromise your beliefs just because “everybody’s doing it.” Also, you definitely don’t want to test the waters on your alcohol limit with your co-workers watching. Not-to-mention if your boss and other leaders from the company are around, and you embarrass yourself, they’ll never look at you the same.

Free drinks can be a little tempting, but you may pay for it others way later. Whatever you do, don’t take this opportunity to get wasted. You definitely don’t want to be the guy or girl that got escorted out of the party or the reason why company holiday parties are officially cancelled going forward. Remember, your first priority is to do your job well and always keep a positive and lasting impression. Don’t let your cocktails get in the way of your paper. Happy socializing!