Take "No" As Not Right Now

When it comes to job searching, hearing “no” or even nothing at all can be very discouraging. “No” seems so final, so permanent. But it’s really not. If you’re not a good match for that company, don’t take it personal. Continue to improve your skills and request feedback where you can. You’d be surprised on how many companies may come back around looking for you later on.

Take it from me, I’ve had no shortage of no’s in my career. Early on, I’ve completed hundreds of applications, and plenty of interviews. Sometimes, I even went up to the third round of interviews and then I still heard no. But I didn’t let it discourage me.  I figured they must not have seen what all I had to offer in that 30 minute phone call. I kept going, always seeking to improve myself and my skillsets and you better believe I stayed focus. I kept my eye on the prize until that “yes” came around. Being dedicated to the process totally paid off. Staying complacent because of a couple no’s was so not an option!