Job Searching is Like Dating, It's a Numbers Game

Looking for a job can be so nerve-wracking, especially when you're so ready for a new job or to get started working.  But like dating, the job search is a numbers game. Every once in a while, the first place you apply to calls you back, offers you the job and seals the deal. But typically things aren’t always so smooth. Just know, you may have to kiss a couple of frogs before getting to the right one.

Take it from me, early on in my career, sometimes I would apply to over thirty companies at a time before I got one job offer. It could have been for a few different reasons. Maybe because I didn't have enough experience, or because I didn't have the exact experiences or education that the job required or my resume didn't match up well with the job descriptions. So I continued to reinvent myself often. I constantly kept refining my resume while also taking on additional responsibilities and tasks at work. Putting in the time definitely paid off. The most important thing to remember is perseverance wins. Just stay patient and focused.