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This book really motivated me to create an action plan and make some changes to ensure my future success!
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6 Figures by 30: career navigation guide description  

6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide is loaded with essential tools for success including how to: create a 6-figure career plan, develop a stand out resume, navigate interviews, strategize job searches, negotiate salary increases, and more.

At the beginning of her professional journey, author Cecilyn Hutchinson was far from focused on her future. Losing her only career opportunity during her senior year of college became the wake-up call that motivated her to ultimately change the course of her life. After landing her first job at 23 years old with a starting salary of $36,000, her appetite for financial success grew. She set a goal to earn 6 Figures by 30 and the rest is history. 

Using the strategies highlighted in 6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide, Cecilyn earned multiple promotions, gained a 30 percent salary increase in less than two years, and achieved her $100,000 salary goal…all by the age of 30. This guide is designed to be your career GPS that will reduce detours and put your career on the fast track to six-figure success.

Monster info in a small package
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Create your personalized 6-Figure Career Plan as you follow along with your copy of 6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide.

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