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Welcome and thank you for viewing! I'm all about supporting and empowering career growth for up and coming professionals. As a hiring manager and career author, I share tips, wins and losses to help your throughout your early professional journey. 

Be sure to check out my first book, 6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide. It's your easy-to-follow road map to financial success. Don't worry if you're near or over 30, the content applies to all. It's packed with the strategies I'ves learned throughout my 10+ year career span as an employee and hiring manager. These strategies have taken me from a salary of $36k at 23 years old to six figures by the age of 30. Click here for more info.

Also, be sure to download your 6-Figure Career Plan template and follow along as you read 6 Figures by 30: Career Navigation Guide.

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6FB30 Testimonial

6 Figures by 30 Book reviews by INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAls

Essential advice and a fun read. A fantastic book for college graduates or anyone looking to build a stronger career.
— Dr. Joycelyn Streator, GA Tech Professor
Timely book! I recommend this easy-read for all college students and college-bound students. It covers some of our key areas of focus for students: proactive success planning and financial literacy.
— B. Mims, College Career Counselor
I love this book! I believe that interns, new hires, and even people who may feel stuck in their current position will find this book to be extreme enlightening.
— Kimberly Grant, HR Director


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